fizmo interprets z-machine opcodes”


console-based interpreter

also provides development libraries and interfaces

Fizmo provides a Z-Machine interpreter development library in plain C along with a ncurses user interface, supporting Z-Machine versions 1 to 5, 7 and 8. That means it allows you to play interactive ficiton, also known as textadventures, which were implemented either by Infocom or created using the Inform compiler on a terminal, or to develop your own interactive fiction front end in C or any C-related language like C++ or Objective-C.


For a list of features and more information see the “About” section. You can also take a look at some Screenshots.

iOS fizmo

Andrew Plotkin's iOS-fizmo packages games for the Apple App Store

In the context of the Hadean Lands Kickstarter project, Andrew Plotkin has implemented iOS-fizmo which allows authors to package their games for the Apple App store. As an example, he also implemented The Dreamhold for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Shade – see also Reviews-on-the-Run's Shade impression – and Heliopause. There's also Jason McIntosh's adaption of The Warbler's Nest.


ncurses variant now stable

Fizmo is currently available in version 0.7.9, released on May 25, 2014. Development began around mid-2005, with the first offical version 0.6.0 being released on March 28, 2009. At the moment it appears to be working well enough to claim that it's running stable.

next version will add SDL frontend

Version 0.8.0 will add a SDL-based interface, implement proportional font display and should be working on a wide range of systems due to SDL's cross-platform availability. If you want to give it a try, a pre-release version is available in the Download section.

how to get


See the Download section for sources and binaries.


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